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Why is there no Windows XP X64 Media Center Edition yet?
George Ross, May 9, 2005

Now that Intel is ready Microsoft has released Windows XP X64 Professional Edition and Windows Server 2003 X64 (No one really knows if Microsoft waited on Intel; I just think so.). The mind boggling performance that 64-bit computing is supposed bring to the masses is now here. There is one thing that concerns me however. Microsoft has not given a road map that shows Windows XP X64 Media Center Edition, Windows XP X64 Tablet PC Edition, or Windows XP X64 Home Edition timelines.

I know I can not blame Microsoft for all the problems, but if you are going to go 64-bit take all of your products along for the ride. I haven't even started on the application software, and that is not all Microsoft there. The pending 64-bit revolution in my opinion will be on hold until late 2007 I think, and even then it will be like Windows 95 were people refused to upgrade. I don't know why, but this time I thought the move would be a lot smoother. We should have learned something from the 16-bit to 32-bit transition. Now that I think about it maybe we (the masses) did and the industry didn't. If there were a tangible performance increase that would woo more people to the side of the industry, but for now I think only die hard enthusiasts and special applications are going to test the 64-bit waters. Also what about the stubborn administrators who still have Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000 running on there servers what are they going to do?

I can go on for days complaining, but it will do me no good (No one is reading this). So my options are limited to this. Microsoft please put the X64 Media Center out in quick order. I would appreciate it. And thanks to those who have taken time from there precious lives to listen to me rant.

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