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Hillbilly Hardware's Facebook Profile Deleted
George Ross, May 24, 2018

With all of the back lash that Facebook has faced recently such as the Cambridge Analytica data fiasco, Russia election meddling, and more specific to this case fake profiles. Hillbilly Hardware's profile has been deemed as fake. When I logged into Facebook on May 23, 2018 I was greeted with the following message.


We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life-what their friends call them. You can keep your current name if it's the name you're known by. Otherwise, we'll ask you to edit it.

Please review your name sometime in the next 7 days. After that, you won't be able to log back into Facebook until you update your name.

Is Hillbilly Hardware the name you use in everyday life?

Please keep in mind that Facebook profiles are for personal, non-commercial use and represent individual people. If your profile represents an organization, business, brand or idea, please let us know and we can help you create a Page based on your profile."

It's nice to see Facebook taking steps to correct themselves. Hey it only took nearly a decade on their network for them to tell me I setup my presence incorrectly. So I went through the easy process of getting my page created. After that I was given 7 days to update my profile with my name and other personal information that I have managed to largely keep off of the profile as I was using the profile for Hillbilly Hardware. I personally have no use for Facebook, but I was being in a position where I needed to start giving personally identifiable information in order to have a presence for Hillbilly Hardware on Facebook as my page was linked to my profile.

As I started to update my information I just didn't want to do it. For starters I still don't trust that Facebook will not share my data with third parties. Also I have seen people sign up for Facebook just to make communication easier for groups and such that had never had it before, because thats the way the world works now. Then next thing you know they are constantly distracted by you guessed it Facebook. This (in my opinion) overuse of Facebook I have personally witnessed ended up in people losing their jobs. Of course there are also countless stories of peoples marriages falling apart from meeting old flames on Facebook. I'm not saying that Facebook is responsible for peoples self control, but in order to increase people's time engaged on their network they did research and implement features for the specific purpose of keeping people engaged. All just so they can sell advertising so they can monetize their business. Once money becomes the priority the good of the people always plays second fiddle.

The way I see it Facebook is like crack or opioids. Once it grabs hold it doesn't let go. So I'm not even gonna go down that path. I know myself and I am a glutton. That is why I'm deleting my profile. I'm not gonna try and start a revolution or anything like that. One of the great things about being an American is the freedom to choose, and people love them some Facebook. It is just not my cup of tea. I'm simply putting this out there for anyone who notices my absence form Facebook and the changes to the site.

God bless us everyone even Facebook!

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