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HighSpeed PC's Top Deck Tech Station: A Handy Toy for Computer Nerds
George Ross, April 7, 2008

It is not often that one get's to review an American made product in the tech world. Today I have that privilege we will be looking at the Top Deck Tech Station from HighSpeed PC. The best way to describe the Tech Station is as it says on the box; a fast-access computer workbench. This 'workbench' is targeted at the frequent upgrader, overclocker, and IT professional.

Packaging & Contents

I really liked the packaging of the Tech Station. I was surprised to see it in such a small package. When I opened it I found all of the contents wrapped in bubble wrap. That is kind of a nice touch in my opinion.

All the screws and parts were in appropriately assorted, labeled, and bagged. I found the instructions to be helpful and easy to follow, and the ATX control kit completes the package. There was also something you don't see with most assembly required setups are extra parts, but there were a few screws, washers, thumb screws, and such left over.

Build Quality

Ultimately the final product is only as good as its construction, because the parts that are supplied are more than adequate. After it's built the final product is the easiest case I've ever used for playing around with computers.


The sticker on the box says it can support 150+ pounds. So I decided to find out if it could hold the 150 pounds, and yes it can. I did not venture to see the maximum it could hold as this involves breaking the Tech Station. If your rig weighs more than 150 pounds get it back to 1950. Overall I'm impressed with the build quality of the Tech Station. The only complaint I have is with rubber feet. If you over tighten them they fall off. Other than that I was very pleased with the Tech Station.

The Tech Station comes with a 120mm fan for cooling that exposed rig. While I feel the fan is unnecessary it does move around the processor, memory, and hard drive, and it is loud. If you really wanted to use a fan I would recommend you get a quieter one. I feel that despite being loud the fan is well placed by default. With a little effort you could add more or move the fan. It is up to you, but it is in most cases not necessary. I like to be easy on my ears.

If you are into playing with computers the Top Deck Tech Station from HighSpeed PC is just what the doctor ordered. The price of $80 ($90 pre-assembled) is a bit high in my opinion, but I haven't seen anything else like it and it sure does beat laying all your components in a pile on a desk. After having it I don't think I could go back. The price is high, but what isn't with computers. If you can find a use for the Tech Station I recommend you get one.

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