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SCEPTRE X32BV-FullHD LCD TV: 32 Inches of 1080p Goodness for Cheap
George Ross, February 8, 2009

Have you been thinking about upgrading your TV for Blue-ray playback, or the eventual digital TV transition that might happen sometime this year? If you have then the Sceptre X32BV-FullHD might be what you are looking for. The X32BV-FullHD has all of the things you need in a newer TV 1920x1080 resolution, 2 HDMI inputs, digital TV tuner (ATSC/QAM), and a respectable 32 inch screen size all for under $650.

Packaging & Contents

The X32BV-FullHD is adequately packaged and can keep the display from getting too banged up during the sipping process. The display came with enough Styrofoam to help soften the blows it takes during shipping, and had a clear plastic cover to protect the screen from scratches. The cardboard box that mine was shipped in took a little damage, but the display was not harmed.

The included accessories are nothing to brag about with the biggest disappointment being that there is no included HDMI cable. The X32BV-FullHD does come with a component HD cable, a stereo sound cable, a power cable, manual, quick start guide, 10 base mounting screws (2 extra), a Sceptre branded Phillips head screwdriver, a remote, and 2 AAA batteries. At least you get batteries.

Using the X32BV-FullHD
The first thing you have to do after unpacking the X32BV-FullHD is attach the stand unless you are going to be using a wall mount or something of that nature. This is the part were the included screwdriver comes in handy as it allows you to attack the stand to the display. What's more is that there are two extra screws for the more clumsy types. There is no swivel or tilting the X32BV-FullHD with the included stand.

After it was all plugged in I noticed that when using HDMI from a PC all of the screens real estate was not being used leaving a small one quarter inch gap of unused screen all around the picture. Using the VGA input was the only way to make full use of the screen's real estate when using a PC. Three different video cards were tried to make HDMI output work properly, but to no avail. This screen is not as clear as most PC monitors, but it is a TV made for distance viewing not close quarters viewing like PC monitors.

The speakers are you basic run of the mill turds, I would highly suggest not using them. They can get pretty loud.

The menus work well being easy to navigate. The zoom functions work well and the picture modes have a few presets and allow for customization allowing you to control the life of your backlight.

When it all comes down to it the Sceptre X32BV-FullHD is a fine entry level 32 inch 1080p TV that lets you play Blue-ray movies at full resolution and is ready for the pending digital TV transition. With the low cost of under $650 the X32BV-FullHD is a solid choice for those of you looking to upgrade to 1080p on the cheap.

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